Hi this is Masatoshi Hihara (Masa for short)

I organize this website for tourists in Japan.  It is getting better but Japanese don’t provide enough information for Tourist.

As you know, most of the tourists have limited access for finding good restaurants. Their main information source are their friends in Japan. We have amazing food in Japan.  Sadly, we Japanese mostly share them only among Japanese in Japanese language. It is such a waste so I decided to share my experiences here in Tokyo. Tokyo is big, there should be much more information in English.  I provide awesome restaurants information in Tokyo area, I may also introduce some restaurants about Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba as well.

To assure information quality, I don’t receive any money from all the restaurants. (but I placed Google ads instead 😉 )

Hope this website can be help for tourists in Japan.




  • Was born 1985
  • Graduated Sophia University (international univ)
  • Loves eating out
  • Loves traveling
  • Has Filipino wife and cutest baby
  • Owns businesses
    Corporate site
    Massage Service @Shinjuku
  • Is MENSAN (MENSA is the High IQ Society)